OPENING WEEKEND MAY 6th Saturday


  • Our vision

    Welcome to South Common Farmers’ Market 2016, our 6th Year at Servus!

    We believe in supporting the socially conscious local business community as they grow with us.


    The market with HEART, where you will find a difference, we are a group of like-minded people who are working together to make a change in people’s lives. Whether that be from the vendors taking great pride in their products they sell, to supporting local charities.


    We feel this completes the circle that sets us apart from other markets; the community supports the vendors that support the market, that support charities, that make our communities a better place for us all to live!


    That is just one of the differences at South Common Farmers' Market, another one is being able to have easy access to the market site from all points (See Map), and to have ample parking as well (1500+stalls).

    Plus we have curb ETS services via route #74.

    Strategic Partnerships

    Partnering & marketing with the market ​

    We actively support partnerships and collaboration for growth, strategic thinking and access to resources to enable the market expansion. If you have great ideas, exciting opportunities, awareness campaigns, and public information to share we may be able to partner. We are proud to be partnered with Servus Credit Union, our corporate outreach in support of the community and market.

    Feel free to reach out on our contact form. 

    GO BAGLESS Info at the Market- 

    City of Edmonton

    How to grasscycle​? 

    Sharing important information and great ideas are all welcome at our market. We are welcoming the City of Edmonton, they are sharing knowledge about the way to cut grass, not fill the city dump with clippings but leave it on the lawn. From quiz fun, to wheel spinning, and chances to win prizes your visit to the market has lots to offer you.

    If you have an informational booth reach out on our contact form. 

  • Meet THE PEOPLE OF THE Market - 

    Sharing their Stories

    Our market experience is so much more than simply fresh fruits and vegetables. There are many creative finds, such as jewelry makers, artists, glass bead artists and other unique crafts people.

    Our market is one of a kind, come see for yourself; we suggest you get a photo with an enchanted princess, play in the jumpy castle, get information from our city about your grasscycling with a chance to win prizes, and even get delicious sushi from a our NEW local food truck-Sushi Eh!

    Brain Dahl & 

    Arlene Dahl


    Sharing Market Stories

    AIG Produce

    Raman & Suki

    Sharing Market Stories

    Catch of the Day


    Sharing Market Stories

    Homelicious Catering

    Sharing Market Stories

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  • Map

    South Common Farmer Market in parking lot of 

    Servus Credit Union head office Off Parson Rd

  • WERE Looking for Volunteers & Hiring!

    Looking for great people? Do you have a job posting for the market community? 

    We will post it on our website.

    Brand Ambassadors - Engage the Crowd At South Common Farmers Market

    • Cultivate fun by networking with families 
    • Engaging the customers and audiences at the market
    • Promote the events each weekend during peak hours

    Media & Videographers - Film & Tell the Stories At South Common Farmers Market

    • Capture the stories of the market so we can share it with audiences on social media 
    • Promote the awareness, stories, and advertisers within our market and events
    • Video blogs, filming, editing, scripting, pre production and post production work

    Bloggers & Writers - Help Tell the Stories At South Common Farmers Market

    • Capture the stories that interest the people in the market 
    • Share with our audiences your written blog and written social media posts
    • Promote the awareness, stories, and advertisers on our blog
    • Have your stories and writing featured as a guest blogger
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